Secure Internet banking

Internet banking is completely secure if both the bank and the customer show responsibility and follow the security guidelines necessary in this regard.

What we do
  • Encrypt login information.
  • Provide login identification with token key, digital certificates or security number via sms
  • What you can do
  • Never inform others of your password, not even to parties claiming to work for your bank.
  • Regularly change your password.
  • You shall not write down your user name and password.
  • Never hand your authentication key over to another person.
  • If you have digital ID you must not inform anyone of the ID’s PUK number.
  • Look at the computer security checklist on the Icelandic Financial Services Association website.
  • When you quit the Internet bank you should always do that by clicking the button Logout in the upper right corner.
  • Forgotten password ?
    For security reasons a new password can not be provided via telephone or e-mail. In case of a forgotten password you must get a new one at your bank.
    Suspicious emails
    Hackers frequently attempt to steal access and security information by sending out emails whose recipients are requested to confirm their personal internet-banking information via links provided. Internet bank users should make sure never to click such links or give their information otherwise to inappropriate parties.
    Financial institutes never send emails to their customers where they are requested to confirm their user IDs, passwords, personal or financial information.
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